Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gang Land

In order to add a bit of colour to the layout, as well as injecting a bit more life into it as well, we thought we would place this Bachmann Permanent Way Gang at the point where the tipper spur leaves the main line.
Obviously they have been placed in such a way that trains will miss them and, in fact, they may not stay there permanently since, strictly speaking, some of the figures should be placed nearer the track in order to do their work properly.
However, to do that would result in certain death or injury since the poor chaps are unable to move out of the way of any passing train without help from the great hand in the sky!
So, the idea is for them, eventually, to work on a less busy section of track, which we plan to create when we begin reworking the northern end of the layout later in the year.

To my mind, the Bachmann SceneCraft range of OO gauge figures certainly is amongst the most realistic and lifelike of those that are available and we tend to use them wherever and whenever possible. Indeed, we should be able to add a few more in the future since I see that they are introducing some new figures this year, with the following sets soon to be available:

36-080   Horses
36-081   Cows
36-082   Pigs
36-083   Sheep
36-400   1960s/70s Coal Miners
36-401   Trainspotters
36-402   1960s/70s Standing Station Passengers
36-403   Factory Workers and Foreman
36-404   1940s/50s Station Staff
36-405   1960s/70s Station Staff
36-406   Suburban Street Scene
36-407   1950s Train Crew

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