Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Plastered

With the fuel terminal fencing finally in place and to our satisfaction (hooray!), we at last turned our attention to the side of the tunnel which needed to have its flat, wooden side made to look a little less, well,  flat and wooden! 
This we achieved via our usual method of screwed up pieces of dampened newspaper overlaid with landform or, in this instance, plaster-impregnated bandage, which is the same thing really, only cheaper.
That done, we have left it to dry during the week and will coat it in polyfilla or similar next weekend prior to Pete, our 'artistic director', working his magic with the scenery.
We did not want to work on the tunnel side until we had, more or less, completed the fuel terminal so that we would not be continually brushing up against it - this corner of the layout is a little restricted. 
Next weekend we will fix the buildings and structures in place within the terminal and, hopefully, add some people too - always a sure sign that we consider our work in a given area to be largely complete.
Yes, we'll drink to that!

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