Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Station Announcement

This weekend we continued progressing this part of the layout by adding a few figures and oil drums to the fuel terminal as well as a permanent way gang working on the track near the junction for the tipper spur. 
Anyway, more of those in a later blog, because what I am pleased to announce here is the fact that we also started to populate Sueston with signs, seating and people etc. As you can see this has definitely started to bring the station alive after many months of it simply being two long and empty platforms.
However, this is just a start and much of what can be seen here is only temporary since we need to get some seats that are all of the same style and colour, the pillar (part of which can be seen to the left) also needs to be disguised with a backdrop of shops or buildings and we are still planning to fit lighting to the platforms at some stage.
Still, it is at last starting to look more like a working station now and we are very pleased at how this part of the layout is coming along.
The approach to Sueston, with the line passing beneath bridges and between an embankment and the fuel terminal before it emerges into the openness of the station area, I believe, is quite effective. 
There is quite a complex array of points on this corner so we had to both conceal the line but, at the same time, leave it accessible which, I think, we have achieved.

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