Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tape A Fence!

You will recall from a previous posting that we had erected the Bachmann Security Fence around the Fuel Terminal using white Blu-Tack. Well upon inspection, this last weekend, it was quite obvious that this method had not proved to be the resounding success we had hoped it would, even though initial results had looked promising. 
The main problem was that, in sticking the panels individually, we ended up with a slightly wonky fence that, I'm afraid, was just simply not good enough.
We therefore decided to revisit this area and, after much thought, came up with what we believed was a better way of doing it.
So, we pulled up all of the fencing, gave each panel a good clean and, then, stuck the required number of panels together first in order to make up the two lengths that can be seen in the photograph above. 
Each panel has two tiny pimples on one side with two minute indentations on the other side into which the aforementioned pimples of the adjoining panel fit. The picture below shows the pimples (which, I can assure you, are shown much large than life size) but not the indentations:
Using a very small globule of Humbrol poly cement we then glued each panel to its neighbour before leaving it to dry for a while.
At this stage we stuck pieces of red plastic electricians tape across each join, just to help hold the fence together while we placed it into position. As you can see, the length of fencing under the bridge is curved and this meant that it virtually supported itself.
The other length also curves in towards the side of the bridge, at the bottom of the photograph, and this also helped to hold the fence upright while we spread a small amount of neat PVA glue along the bottom. We have left this to set for the week so that, next time, we should be able to sprinkle some scatter along the bottom of the fence and, then, add some more diluted PVA glue which, fingers crossed, should hold it all in place!
I have to say that this area really is taking a lot longer to finish than we had anticipated, mainly due to this @*%$@! fencing. Still, I do feel that now the end is in sight and, hopefully, in a week or two we should see the virtual completion of the ground work for the fuel terminal.


  1. He he! If it was easy then everyone would do it!

  2. Yes, that is so true Micky!

    Still, we do like a challenge and enjoy the sense of achievement when we, eventually, succeed!