Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warshipful Admiration

Having included a picture of our steam loco 'at speed' the other day I thought it only right that I balance the situation with a similar shot of one of the diesels. In this instance it is D812 'Royal Naval Reserve' at the head of an Inter-City express consisting of Bachmann Mk2 coaches and a Hornby Mk1 Buffet Car.
I will admit that it does lack the impact of a steam loco, with masses of smoke billowing from the chimney, but diesels do have their own charm and, although I am by no means a Western Region fan, I do like the diesel hydraulics and was sorry to see them phased out.
Some people consider these Warships, together with the Westerns and Hymeks, to be quite ugly while others, myself included, find them all rather attractive. At least I am not alone in liking the Westerns since they seem to have quite a following and it is good to see Western Champion in charge of a variety of specials on the main line. In fact we have had a couple of trips behind her ourselves.
Actually we have been trying to acquire a Heljan Class 52 for some time now and particularly wanted D1001 'Western Pathfinder'. Well up until last weekend we have been unable to find one but, at a Toy and Train Fair on Sunday, we finally managed to track one down. She still needs a decoder fitting before she can be brought into service but, hopefully, it won't be too long before we have a couple of diesel hydraulics hauling trains on the layout.

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