Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ground Work

Quite a bit of progress was made last weekend as we finally laid the groundwork for the remainder of the town area. 
We decided to raise the level up a bit in order to give us a slightly deeper stream and this was achieved by, first, laying down some polystyrene ceiling tiles on top of which we placed some 1250 micron grey board.
The tiles were stuck down with ordinary tile cement while, for the grey board, we used some double-sided sticky tape and this was very effective indeed. Someone had suggested that we might try using double-sided carpet tape which, I am sure, would do the job perfectly but as we did not have any of this, we used a suitable alternative and this proved much more efficient and quicker bonding than using any form of adhesive.
Now, we had planned to remove the church from its current location, in the northern half of the layout, and putting it in the area where, in the first two photos, there stands a memorial cross. 
However, we might instead move the craft centre (see bottom picture) to here thereby creating a pleasant location adjacent to the stream and lake, with a pub, tea rooms, car park and small shopping area,
The craft centre currently stands on that part of the layout that bridges the crawl-through between the north and the south but, as this is going to have to go anyway when we remodel the northern section of the layout, we might just as well move it now.


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