Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of a Pair

In the twilight of its life, the ex-LMS diesel electric co-co 10001 rests at
Willesden Shed in the company of Class 24/2 B5092 on September 12 1964.
Photo: Dick Riley.
I recently decided that it was high time to dispose of my collection of old 'Rail Enthusiast' magazines, however, before saying goodbye to my collection, I thought that I would quickly look through them one more time and scan any interesting pictures that I could use on the blog so that other people might get the chance to see them.
I started to collect Rail Enthusiast (which changed its name to just 'Rail' in 1988) when it first appeared back in 1981. It began as a bi-monthly publication but soon changed to a monthly and is, now, a bi-weekly publication.
So, here is the first of these photos and it is a great shot by Dick Riley taken in 1964 of one of the twin LMS diesel electric locomotives, 10001.
These two BR Class D16/1 locomotives were the first mainline diesel locos in Great Britain. They were built by the LMS at its Derby Works and were each fitted with the English Electric 16SVT 1600 hp diesel engine with electric transmission. Both locos were allocated to Willesden Shed.
10000 was withdrawn in 1963 and scrapped at Cashmores in January 1968. 10001, meanwhile, was withdrawn in 1966 and scrapped at Cox & Danks, North Acton, in February 1968.
The caption beneath the photograph is a repeat of the one that appeared with the photo in Rail Enthusiast magazine.

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  1. Rare to see a colour picture of it with the yellow warning panel. By then it's twin 10000 had already gone.