Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More Somerset & Dorset

BR Class 5 '73051' passes Cole with the Up Pines Express on 3 February 1962.
This was the Centenary Year of the S&D as well as being the last year that
the Pines ran over the line.
BR Class 8F '48737' stands on Templecombe Shed on 5 May 1965.
 BR Class 4MT '80081' also on Templecombe Shed on 5 May 1965.
The same loco is here seen leaving Cole on 17 April 1965 with
the 13:10 Bath to Templecombe train.
BR Class 9F '92238 approaches Cole with a Warwickshire Locomotive Society special
from Paddington to Bournemouth.
It has been a while since I published some of the many photographs that I have that were taken by John Day during the 1960s. 
So, since my previous post concerned the Somerset and Dorset Railway, I thought that I would follow up with five of John's excellent photos taken at Templecombe and Cole in 1962 and 1965.
If only it were possible, today, to travel from Bath Green Park to Templecombe and, then, on to Bournemouth West.
This was an important route between the North & Midlands and the South Coast. It was a useful link then and would still be today had the decision not been taken to close it.
The day may yet come when it might reopen, in part if not in its entirety. But that day is a long way off and would take a major change of heart on behalf of the Government. 
Until that day arrives we must content ourselves with looking at the many wonderful photographs we have of the line, such as those above, and thank the many dedicated photographers, like John, who went out and captured this very special railway on film.

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