Monday, April 20, 2015

Tri-ang Pullman Cars

These Tri-ang Pullman Coaches were first introduced in 1958 and were scaled at 57ft (9") as against 66' of the real cars.
The body profiles, with the upper sides sloping slightly inwards, was closest to the electric multiple unit Pullmans and could be quite easily modified to represent a Brighton Belle car.
The tables mostly had plain brass lampshades but, sometimes, they were painted pink, as in 'Mary' above. At one stage the lamps were even reduced to a narrow spike!
An example of 'Jane' has apparently been found with blue lampshades instead of pink. I have not seen one myself and, not surprisingly, it is considered to be quite rare.
Other rarer versions of these cars had them with cream coloured roofs instead of white ones and I have seen examples of these.
Later models were adorned with white rimmed wheels, as in 'Jane' above.
In 1962, Golden Arrow stickers were also supplied, separately, together with a locomotive headboard. 
The Catalogue Number for all of the three parlour cars was the same, i.e: R228 while for the Brake Car it was R328.
These iconic coaches continued in production until 1973.

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