Sunday, July 17, 2016

Locomotives Old and New

Here are some photographs of various locomotives at different locations around the layout.
The top photograph shows two grubby Bachmann Class 37s (37251 and 37057) being refuelled at the diesel depot while a couple of employees appear to be putting the world to rights.
In the middle picture we see the latest loco to join our fleet, a Heljan Class 35 'Hymek', D7035, just leaving Petersfield at the head of a milk train. This loco was a 'mint condition, never been used', second-hand bargain and has been quickly fitted with a DC Kits sound decoder. 
She will doubtless become a firm favourite amongst our drivers and feature quite extensively in forthcoming videos.
Finally in the bottom photo we see another recent addition in the form of a Bachmann Class 40 NÂș: 40141. Here she is pausing at Carswater, at the other end of the layout, with a rake of Mk 1 coaches, heading south. 
This lovely loco was actually acquired some time ago but has only recently been fitted with a sound decoder - again from DC Kits.
She has already appeared, briefly, in a recent video and will do so again, for sure, before very long!


  1. The locomotive fleet is good. And i like very well your layout.

  2. Hi Alain, Thank you very much for your kind comment, it is much appreciated, and I am glad you like the layout.