Sunday, April 15, 2018

Collecting Seacows

We had left a rake of Seacows, together with a 50T PROCOR hopper wagon in the Ballast Yard a couple of weeks ago so we thought that, this week, it was about time they were collected and put away for safety.
We therefore sent along 37057 'Viking' to do the honours and the photos below show her in performing her task admirably!
In the photo above, Viking has already collected the first few hoppers and is now reversing back into the yard to collect some more.
Here we see the Class 37 slowly inching her way through the cutting and around the bend ...
... and into the yard.
Now we see her reversing on to the two hoppers in the middle siding, the rearmost of which has been loaded with ballast.

A close-up of her coupling up to the two hoppers.

Finally, she couples up to the 50 ton PROCOR wagon ...

... before slowly departing through the cutting and away, much to the relief of the traffic being held up at the level crossing!

Details of the rolling stock are as follows:

Bachmann Class 37 37057 'Viking". Catalogue Nº: 32-781DS. Originally came with factory-fitted sound but has since been reblown with Olivias Trains sound files, which, I must say, are excellent!

Hornby Departmental YCB Seacow Hopper Wagons in Dutch Livery. Catalogue Nº: R6288.

Lima 50T PROCOR Hopper Wagon. Catalogue Nº: L305635.

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