Monday, December 3, 2012

Little and Large

Whilst sorting through some of my old slides at the weekend, I found a photo that I took on 17 October 1987 of Class 33, 33 112, formerly D6529.
This was taken during its naming ceremony at, appropriately enough, Templecombe and the reason that this particular loco was chosen to carry the name is because Templecombe is 112 miles from London.
The naming took place five years after the station reopened, following its closure in 1966 along with the Somerset and Dorset Railway. 
Sadly, the loco survived for just another year, being withdrawn in October 1988 after an accident at Salisbury.
The Heljan model, meanwhile, was introduced in 2007, twenty years after the naming ceremony and, having acquired one recently, I thought that it would be nice to show her together with her larger sister.