Monday, March 20, 2017

Trains at Gunnmere and Davemoor

Here are a few photographs of trains at Gunnmere and, in the last picture, at Davemoor.
Gunnmere is our main intermediate station and is also the junction for the branch line to Anchwood.
In the first two photos we see Class 23 'Baby Deltic', D5909, at the head of a short rake of milk tanks that would have started their journey at the milk depot just outside of Sueston.
In the next couple of photos, two express trains call at the station. The southbound train to Sueston is hauled by Class 45 45053 whilst 50007 'Sir Edward Elgar' is at the head of the train heading towards Davemoor.
In the final photograph we again see 50007 standing at Platform 2 at Davemoor, having arrived with its train. Meanwhile, at Platform 4, Class 37 37057 'Viking' stands having earlier brought in a stopping train from the south.