Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Shredded Wheat Train

The 'Shredded Wheat' is an N Gauge train that was made by Graham Farish for the Shredded Wheat Co. in 1989.
The locomotive could be obtained from the cereal company by sending 3 tokens, plus £1.00; or one token, plus £5.00, with the tokens available on packets of Shredded Wheat. 
The coaches were acquired separately (in pairs) by sending a single token plus £2.99.
The loco is non-motorized so is not intended for layout running. 
However, it must be possible to (carefully) change the couplings on both the loco and the coaches. 
The loco is free running so would be great for double-heading.
I really don't know how many set of these cute little trains were made but it is one that I have never seen before and one that I was delighted to acquire recently.