Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Deltic & Her Baby

This weekend we finally managed to get all of the coloured light signals working at Gunnmere and the first locos to make use of them was Class 55, 55001 'St Paddy', and the Class 23, D5909.
While the Deltic was at the head of a special train, heading north, the Baby Deltic was busily delivering wagons to the small goods yard.
In a busy session this weekend, we also installed lights at one of our smaller stations, Coneyvale Halt, as can be seen in the bottom photograph. In the background can also be seen the lights of the small coal depot.
Next time it will be the turn of Davemoor to have its signals wired although, thankfully, these are nowhere near as complicated as those at Gunnmere!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Half-way There!

Last weekend we managed to get almost half of the feathered colour light signals working at Gunnmere Junction, as can be seen in the top photograph, looking north from the station.
The middle photograph gives some indication of the amount of wiring involved under the baseboards and you can now see what happened to much of what was dangling from the control panel in my previous posting.
There are wires here for the feathered signals, the three double aspects (also seen in the last posting) as well as lights for the platform and goods depot. Different coloured wire is obviously essential here but, also, coloured numbered sleeves help us to track the wires from switch to light to power source etc.
Painstaking work but satisfying and, thus far, successful.
In the bottom photograph a Class 37 is seen heading towards Gunnmere from the north with a rake of Yeoman hoppers. The signal the train has just passed is one of the ones that is still to be done .. tut, tut!