Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Whistling While It Works!

Bachmann's Class 20 'D8158' in BR Green (32-033DS) is another recent addition to our loco fleet and it means that we now have two of these excellent Type 1 locomotives to call upon.
It comes with Bachmann's own sounds fitted but, as always, this is not good. The actual sound is much better than what was installed earlier, on the other Class 20 that we have, before we had it reblown at Howes. 
However, the number of functions provided is very limited. 
We are not sure if we will go with Howes again or try someone else when comes the time for a reblow. 
I have not heard what Olivias Trains Class 20 sounds are like but if they are as good as their Class 37 then maybe we should give them a try.
In the photo above, the whistler is trundling past Manxton with a rake of the ubiquitous BR 16T steel mineral wagons, all nicely weathered and carrying loads of real coal as well.
It is travelling 'wrong line' due to the Up line being closed for track maintenance - and also because it made for a better photograph! 
On the left of the picture can be seen the Shillingstone Signal Box by Bachmann (44-165) and above that is the branch line to Anchwood, seen in yesterday's posting.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Touch wood, Anchwood Is Good!

Finally, we have filled in the gap beneath the new station at Anchwood where BR meets the steam railway. 
We could not cover this gap until the lights had been wired and, although there will be one more light to fit at a later date, the wires for this can be accessed from the back, fairly easily!
This curved platform has caused us no end of problems but is now, finally, in place and ready to accept its first trains, once the track has been cleaned.
The canopy and small station building are by Ratio and have been suitably weathered by Alex at Mikron Models. 
The canopy also has lights fitted beneath the roof and these, together with the two lamps at either end of the platform, should provide ample lighting for passengers using this station.
The area between the double track main line and the single track loop, in the foreground, will be divided in to small fields or paddocks with one of them ear-marked to become an orchard.
The large hill behind the station is removable and conceals a double socket. This still has to be blended in a little more with trees and bushes added in due course.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Striking Viking

Bachmann's Class 37 37057 'Viking' (32-781DS) is another recent addition to our growing fleet of locomotives and is our second Class 37, to boot.
It came with Bachmann's own sound decoder installed but the Bachmann sounds were, quite frankly, awful so we sent it away to Olivias Trains of Sheffield to be reblown. 
In our opinion, Olivias have the best Class 37 sounds out there and, yes, are even better than Howes!
The loco was returned to us last week and is brilliant, it definitely sounds like a Tractor now! We will be uploading a video of it on YouTube in the very near future.
In the photograph above, it can be seen at the head of a rake of ventilated vans while, on the embankment above it, are some assorted wagons. These are being stored in the siding of the steam railway.
All of these wagons have been suitably weathered and, soon, it will be the turn of 'Viking' to be similarly treated.