Monday, December 9, 2013

Touch wood, Anchwood Is Good!

Finally, we have filled in the gap beneath the new station at Anchwood where BR meets the steam railway. 
We could not cover this gap until the lights had been wired and, although there will be one more light to fit at a later date, the wires for this can be accessed from the back, fairly easily!
This curved platform has caused us no end of problems but is now, finally, in place and ready to accept its first trains, once the track has been cleaned.
The canopy and small station building are by Ratio and have been suitably weathered by Alex at Mikron Models. 
The canopy also has lights fitted beneath the roof and these, together with the two lamps at either end of the platform, should provide ample lighting for passengers using this station.
The area between the double track main line and the single track loop, in the foreground, will be divided in to small fields or paddocks with one of them ear-marked to become an orchard.
The large hill behind the station is removable and conceals a double socket. This still has to be blended in a little more with trees and bushes added in due course.

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