Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gunnmere Almost Gonemere!

Having been working for the past few weeks on (and almost finishing) the construction of the newer and much enlarged Davemoor, we decided that Gunnmere, our main intermediate station, also needed some improvement work.
To begin with we decided to use some of the Ratio Retaining Walls along the back wall, having first had them suitably weathered by Alex at Mikron Models. These have now been stuck to the back wall and we are in the process of fixing the abutments across each join.
We then decided to resurface the platforms with thin cork - as used so successfully at Davemoor. So we ripped off all of the Metcalfe sheets that were originally stuck onto the Hornby platform sections and replaced them with the cork. This was glued in place using UHU Wood Glue, which has proved to be an excellent adhesive for sticking cork.
Once all of the cork was down, we sealed it with a coating of PVA glue and, once this was dry, we then gave it two coats of Humbrol RC412 paint.
This dries very quickly and allowed me to add two strips of platform edging before we had to call it a day.
We have also added ground cover and detailing to the little good yards, seen more clearly in the bottom photograph, and although this does still need some work doing on it, is looking much better than it was a couple of weeks ago!