Monday, April 5, 2010

Going Uphill.

After a week or two of ballasting and extensive track cleaning, more of which in my next posting, we finally returned to doing some landscaping last week. With the help of my nephew and his girlfriend, we started to create a hill leading up to the road bridge. This will become a small, wooded area or parkland which should, hopefully, act as a nice backdrop to the town. The trees that are there at the moment are just to give some idea of how it might look.
Between the road and the brewery can be seen the town's fire station which is set a little higher than the brewery.
Because of the ballasting work that has taken place and the subsequent need to clean all of the track there have been no trains running on the layout for a few weeks. However, now that the track is clean, I am hoping we can put an end to this dearth of train operations and, also, produce another video or two as well. 

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