Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bed Time

This weekend saw us progressing the area between the bus station and the road bridge, as well as forming the bed of the stream that will run through the south-east corner of the town.
The course of this stream has had to be diverted from its original route, and shortened a bit too, but I think it will still make an interesting feature - as will the ornamental lake into which the stream will flow in to and out of. 
We have also now abandoned the planned roundabout that we had marked out in this area in favour of road junctions, again due to lack of space, and there will be a hump-back bridge going over the stream for vehicular access to a probable church and bowling green in this corner of the layout. We had originally planned to have a cricket pitch here but there is just not enough room.
You will see that the Operating Mail Receiving Bin and Pick-up Hook are now in-situ, on either side of the tracks although not fixed down yet. This should be done next time and, hopefully, the landscaping of the area in and around the bus station and police station should also commence in earnest.
We have now decided that we will, eventually, extend the layout by a few feet on the other side of the the small embankment, just out of shot to the left of the photograph. The plan, then, is to build a diesel depot since there is certainly enough room and the layout could really benefit from one. This will also allow us to make the embankment somewhat larger so that it better matches the embankment on the opposite side of the tracks.

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