Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Photo by Chris Newman
With no real work having been done on the layout for about three weeks now, due to the bad weather, work commitments and preparations for Christmas, we are definitely suffering from withdrawal symptoms!
Still, with more than a week off work during the Christmas and New Year period, I daresay we will be able to find some time to do a bit down The Shed. 
In the meantime, I would just like to wish everyone a very happy and relaxing Christmas and I trust Santa will bring you lots of useful things to use on your layout. For me, I am hoping for a static grass applicator but, as they are quite expensive, I daresay I will have to buy one myself in the new year.
The snowy photo above is of Shepton Mallet, Charlton Road station during the winter of 1963. It was not taken by me but is by Chris Newman and I think it is a lovely phoo of the old S&D station blanketed in snow!

Of course, as you don't need me to tell you, we have had a lot of snow here recently, with a particularly heavy fall last Monday morning, the day I was due to go and see Shakira at the O2 Arena. 

Actually, I was beginning to think that getting to London was going to be almost impossible with the amount of snow that fell but, fortunately, South West Trains were running a service, albeit to a revised timetable, and I did manage to get there.

I have never been to the O2 before and it is an amazing venue and Shakira was fantastic - yes, she could shake her hips for me any day!
It was a lovely ride up to the capital too with virtually everything covered in a white blanket - very pretty. Unfortunately, though, in the rush to get to the station I forgot my camera - GRRRRR!.  


  1. It is indeed a lovely Phoo of the Gotcha, and I thought I was the only one that made typos! Happy New year!

  2. Hi AJ and well spotted.

    In mitigation I did do this in a hurry AND I was annoyed that I could not use one of my own photographs although the one here is really lovely. Still, that is no excuse!

    Happy New Year to you my dear and I am enjoying your Blog.