Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Comings and Goings

As it was going to be our last session in the Shed for a few weeks (of which more later) we decided to finish work a little earlier at the weekend so that we could spend some time simply playing trains - and what fun it was too!
We started by carrying out a variety of shunting operations so that various goods wagons which had been left in the wrong location during previous weeks could be returned to their rightful places. Much better, we thought, than simply moving them by hand!
After this we ran a few passenger trains between Davemoor and Sueston and, in the picture above, we see a busy scene at the latter terminus with 33025 'Sultan' standing at Platform 2 having just brought in a semi-fast consisting of BR blue and grey Mk 1s. 
Meanwhile, at Platform 3, there is a rake of Cumbrian Coast Express chocolate and cream coaches with D812 'Royal Naval Reserve' at the buffer stop end and 37251 at the far end about to couple up in readiness for the return journey.
Well, as I mentioned earlier, work on the railway will now have to be suspended for a few weeks, as will entries to this blog, since I will be going on a slightly longer journey myself in a couple of days. However, upon coming back and with the better weather (hopefully) with us by then, we will be recommencing in earnest, beginning with the completion of the town area before we start major alteration work on the northern end of the layout such that we can eliminate that annoying 'crawl-through'.
Yes, it will mean a lot of upheaval but, personally, I cannot wait to start!

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