Thursday, June 28, 2012

Better Lit Than Never

After an unforgivably long gap after my previous post, due to a variety of reasons with which I shall not bore you here, I am hopefully back on track now (pun intended) and should be able to publish a few updates over the coming days.
Not that there has been too much progress over recent weeks and this is due, in most part, to the fact that we have been planning how the northern end of the line will look when it is revamped. However, more of that in a later posting.
For now I just wanted to post an update on the latest progress that has been made in adding lights to the layout and, to this end, here is a photo of Petersfield station resplendent with lights along both platforms. This station used to have a Hornby canopy on each platform but these had to be removed to allow the lights to be fitted and, to be honest, I think it looks better without them.
We now have lighting in four locations around the southern half of the layout - at Sueston, Petersfield, the Coal Depot and the Diesel Depot and they certainly do help to bring it all to life. We still need to add lights to the town area and inside some of the buildings and this is something that we should be addressing in the near future.

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