Monday, November 26, 2012

Bridging The Gap

As you can see from the photographs, we have started building up the landscape both around and beneath the two bridges that carry the branch line over a minor road and the main line.
You will notice that we have had to build the land up beneath both bridges in order to lift them up to the same level as the branch line. It was necessary to do this since we wanted to keep the branch at the same level thoughout so that the new terminus will be at the same height as it was previously.
Actually, the main line, and its off shoot to the central section, look very good curving between the embankments as they run beneath the new trellis bridge.
You might recognize that the road bridge is the old Tri-ang Brick Bridge, which we have had painted and weathered by Alex at Mikron Models in Taunton. He also kindly put the Dapol Trellis Bridge together for us and weathered it and then made two supports that perfectly match the colour and look of the brick bridge.
In the second photo you will see the track entering what will be the new Davemoor station and, whereas the former station consisted on a single platform, this will have two main line platforms, a couple of bay platforms and, possibly, a goods platform. 
As can be seen from the photo, this station is going to be different to both Sueston and Gunnmere in that it will be entirely curved - much like the new intermediate station on the branch line. However, whereas this latter station is being made from plasterboard, Davemoor will probably be constructed from MDF, although we have not made a final decision on this.

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