Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Update Part 2

Here, then, is the second part of my update, featuring areas of the layout that have been worked on during recent weeks.
The photograph above was taken to the right of Manxton station, shown in the last photograph of yesterday's posting. It is at this point that the four tracks become two before curving around and into the tunnel, over which passes the newly extended branch line.
The curved platform that is situated above the main line is Anchwood and it is where BR ends and a preserved railway continues to the end of the line at Lake End. This is still being worked on as we have to fit a canopy and lights on the platform but only after all of the scenery work behind it is completed. The small hill in the corner is there purely to conceal an electric socket. It still allows access to the socket switches and will be removable to allow full access to the sockets.
Further along, the preserved line crosses a minor road and then, immediately, crosses the main line for the second time.  The single track in the foreground will, eventually, lead to a central loop, which will include, amongst other things, another intermediate station and a ballast depot. This, then, will be the final development of the northern section of the railway and see the completion of layout construction.
The next photograph shows Lake End and the end of the preserved railway. This, too, is still being worked on but is starting to look quite good. It will be, predominantly, a steam railway and will be home to our Bachmann S&D 2-8-0 as well as, I hope, a Class 4MT tank engine. There will, of course, also be the occasional special visiting the station from the main line.
And finally, in this quick tour of the northern section of the layout, we have an aerial photograph of Davemoor, the new northern terminus, with Lake End situated above it in the distance.
The station has four platforms for use by the general public plus, to the left, a couple of privately owned sidings for use by the local factory. 
There is still a lot of finishing touches to be done here but at least all of the track is in situ meaning that trains can run once construction work at the other locations is complete.

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