Wednesday, January 22, 2014

High Bridge Station

Time for an update on our progress at Anchwood Station and, as you can see, much has been done during the past few weeks. 
A prominent feature is the new bridge, which we had specially built and weathered by Alex of Mikron Models. This was the only way that we could see for passengers to exit the island platform, due to the cramped nature of its location. It is a steep old climb, that's for sure, and we are still trying to figure out how to allow access for disabled passengers!
A small waiting room which, like the canopies, is by Ratio (SS 78) has also been added to the station and this fits nicely beneath, and is somewhat dwarfed by, the steps of the bridge. According to the Ratio Catalogue, this Platform Building, as it is called, is based upon those at Clapham Junction.
Meanwhile, in the background, you will see the station has also acquired a tall signal box, complete with interior details, courtesy of Alex. This box is by Bachmann (44-172) and is, as described, nice and tall. This is both in-keeping with the bridge and, also, allows the signalman (although the signalman is actually a signalwoman in this instance) a good view down the line in both directions.
Below the station, we have also been working on the orchard and paddock area, beside the main line. The orchard now has an assortment of apple and plum trees while, in the paddock, there are a few sheep. We just need to add a rusty trailer or tractor beside the barn to give it interest and character and I think that this area will be pretty much complete.
The truncated line, emerging from the tunnel, will continue across a, yet-to-be-built, bridge to the table in the centre of the room and then rejoin the main line across another bridge, also to be built, at the other end of the table. 
Work on this area will begin in the spring now that construction work on the rest of the layout is complete, apart from the detailing.

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