Sunday, June 29, 2014

Built-up Area

From the photographs above you will see that we have been busily working on the new, central, section of the layout during the past few weeks. 
As a result, this area now looks vastly different to how it was in my post entitled 'The Second Crossing'.
Lots of hills have been constructed and there is now a lake, albeit a dry one at the moment, opposite the new station.
We have also started work on the Ballast Depot with a re-alignment of the track following the acquisition of new buildings. These buildings were constructed using the Knightwing Mine Top Buildings kit (PM113) and were expertly put together and wonderfully weathered by Alex of Mikron Models, Taunton. This area will slowly be developed during the next few weeks.
The new station (called Carswater) has also acquired a station building and footbridge. These are the Hornby Skaledale Hagley Station (R9752) and Covered Footbridge (R9751). We still need to add more buildings to this station but this is a start.
Meanwhile the hills that have sprung up in this area are slowly being covered by grasses and trees and, when finished, should look quite spectacular.
So, watch this space for further developments!

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