Sunday, November 2, 2014

Outlines of Power - Nº 4 : EE Type 1 (Class 20)

For the fourth 'Outlines of Power' article by Mike Turner, that the magazine 'Rail Enthusiast' ran during the early 1980s, we have the English Electric Class 20 with a terrific portrait of D8000 in her original BR green livery.
The accompanying annotation reads as follows:
The first English Electric Type 1 Bo-Bo, later designated Class 20, emerged from Vulcan Foundry, in Lancashire, more than 25 years ago and, amazingly, most members of the class are still around. The long-nosed diesel-electrics normally work in pairs, joined nose-to-nose to give drivers an unrestricted view from the flat cab ends. The Class 20s are powered by an eight-cylinder English Electric 8SVT Mk 2 diesel, energising four traction motors (one to each axle), and weigh in at around 72 tons.
The prototype, D8000, is now awaiting conversion to a near-permanent display at the National Railway Museum, York, and most of the others in a class, which once numbered over 220, are either in store or still at work. Their normal duties are mixed freight, engineering or MGR trains, but, at a pinch, they have been used on enthusiasts' or holiday specials.
Mike Turner's painting shows D8000 in her original green livery, and captures the spirit of this reliable, rugged and long-lived class. The accompanying technical drawings are by Russell Carter.

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