Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Updates From Above

As well as adding signals to the layout, especially around Gunnmere, we have also been making a few changes / additions to the layout, at various locations. 
At Gunnmere, above, gone is the old engine shed to be replaced, at the bottom of the photograph, by a Bachmann Scenecraft Shillingstone Goods Shed (44-170). The engine shed was never used and we felt that Gunnmere definitely needed a goods shed so it now has one. We will need to add another yard light here but, apart from that, the shed is pretty much 'goods to go'!
We have also been planting a lot of trees around the layout, as can be seen from the photos above, showing either end of the viaduct, at the northern end, and around Carswater at the southern end.
Finally, along with the trees, we have also added some telegraph poles to the branch line, above. Trees (and telegraph poles) do certainly add a realistic dimension although, with a layout of this size, it is a slow job.

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