Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Latest Update

This week we progressed with work on the Tipper spur and the newly extended tunnel over the main line. Using a combination of polystyrene, screwed up bits of newspaper and Peco landform we made the tunnel a bit higher and gave it a more rocky look so that it nicely links between the Tipper embankment and the rock face looming above the branch line below. We now just need to add some vegetation so that it does not look quite so bare. 
Behind the Tipper and Conveyor we also placed some polystyrene ceiling tiles, suitably treated with polyfilla, paint and scatter so that they, more or less, match the embankment behind the spur. Had we thought ahead when we installed these items, many moons ago now, we maybe should have placed them a little further away from the wall but space was limited here and we had no idea, at the time, that the layout would grow to the extent that it has. Anyway, no matter; the tiles fit behind quite nicely and we now just need to fill in the joins - currently still white.
After we finished this work we ran our Class 25 up the spur, pushing the Adler and Allen tipper wagon to test the line. It looked and sounded great too!
Next week I hope to connect both the Tipper and Conveyor to two decoders so that we can get them working. They were working briefly in our analogue days, and before we built the London extension, but, since going digital, they have lain idle. 
When they are working I will post a video of the Class 17 pushing the tipper wagon up the spur so that it can all be seen fully operational for the first time.

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