Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekly Progress - 30 January

This week we continued working on the cutting for the line up to the Tipper / Conveyor at the back of the town. We also extended the short tunnel a little bit (seen in white to the right) and, now, I think it looks a lot better - or at least it will do when it is finished. The cutting now sets the town off rather nicely, now even though said town is still at the planning stage!
We also, briefly, tested the Class 17 and she goes very well.  Much to my relief - and contrary to what I believed in my last entry - I did not have to take her apart to fit the headcodes. All one has to do is carefully ease out the little plastic windows with a very sharp knife, insert the headcode you want and then push the plastic window back in.
The only gripe I do have with her is the fact that the headlight is very bright and only effectively illuminates the two centre numbers of the headcode. Not sure what we can do about this except to mask the light a bit to try and dim it!
Hopefully, soon, I will be able to upload a video of the Clayton working. Its duties will be to work between the coal yard and the tipper and, also, make occasional forays over to the goods yard.

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