Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cutting It Fine

As we did not have that much time to work on the layout this weekend and were only able to complete the first stage of the small embankment that forms the edge of the line along one side of the London Loop.
We had already edged this section with a length of plywood and faced it, on the outside, with some of the Metcalfe OO Gauge Red Brick Sheets (M0054). 
The embankment was then formed using small pieces of screwed-up newspaper which were then overlaid with Modroc, plaster-impregnated bandage (shown below). Finally we painted on a layer of polyfilla to give it a smooth finish ready for painting and landscaping next time.
As you can see from the photograph, the space between the rails and the embankment is somewhat limited so we have had to make the embankment, on both sides, rather low and narrow which means that the resultant cutting is not as high as we would have liked. 
Never mind, at least when it is done it will, at long last, give this stretch of line a finished look and it will then allow us to move on to deal with the large expanse of whiteness that you see to the right of the photograph. Hopefully the mess that you can see here will, during the coming weeks, be transformed into a rather pleasant part of town.

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