Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pretty Baby

Heljan's new OO gauge model of the Class 23 Baby Deltic should have been in the shops last month but there has clearly been a delay since stockists still seem to be awaiting supplies.
However, in the photograph above, we can at least get a glimpse of how one livery version of the latest prototype diesel to appear in model form will look.
This is D5908 in BR Green with large yellow ends and the Inter-City arrows logo.
The other variations are as follows:
D5900 in BR Green with small yellow ends and BR logo.
D5903 in BR Green with large yellow ends and BR logo.
D5909 in BR Blue with large yellow ends and Inter-City arrows logo.
The loco features a 5-pole, skew wound motor and all-wheel pick-up and drive so its slow speed performance should be fantastic. It is, of course, DCC ready, has directional lighting and comes with additional detailing parts.
It should also be possible to fit the proper sound to this locomotive one day since, as I reported in my post entitled "Baby Talk", one of the Napier T9-29 engines survived the blow-torch and is in the possession of the Baby Deltic Project. This group is now in the process of converting a Class 37 (37372) into a new Class 23, which will then be numbered D5910.
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