Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting The Hump

Here we see the latest state of Petersfield, as of last weekend. The parkland area, seen in the top picture, has now had grass added and a folly placed at the top of the hill.  We now just need to replace the fencing at the bottom of the hill, which was removed to allow us to work on this location. Then add some trees and bushes, and people of course, and this area will be complete.
In the lower picture it can be seen that we have added a hump back bridge to take vehicles across the stream and, also, we have refaced the bridge that carries the railway over the stream with a Peco stone bridge which is, actually, N Gauge but which is perfect for the job here.
The hump back bridge was made out of wood by our skilled craftsman Dave and was then faced with Metcalfe Stone Sheet to match the other bridges in the town. It is, maybe, a  tad too humped at the moment but the road will be raised a little on either side which should reduce this a bit.  
Now that we have sorted out the bridge we should be able to proceed quite quickly with the rest of the roads and paved areas and then start work transferring the Craft Centre to the large grey area to the left of the photograph.

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