Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Right Royal Mess

D812, Royal Naval Reserve, is seen entering Sueston Station in a very sorry state. She is one of the latest batch of locomotives that we have had weathered by Alex at Mikron Models and, yet again, he has done a superb job.
I will feature the other locos in future postings but I will say now that they have not been as heavily weathered as the poor Warship.
We did want her to look somewhat neglected even though it was actually a tough decision to make since we do rather like this loco.
Still, during the period that our layout is set, these hydraulics would have been coming towards the end of their days and, those that were left, would have been in a similar condition to ours - if not worse! 
This is what we wanted to reflect here and I think Alex has reproduced it extremely well, as always.
The loco is fitted with the excellent Howes sound and is a regular performer on the layout, working both Mk1 passenger services and goods trains.

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