Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bottled In

Here are three views of the town area with most of the road now resurfaced in Peco black, tarmac scatter. The paved areas beneath the shops are also practically finished and we have added some fencing to the edge of the pavement  underneath the four shops in the centre. This is rather higher than the pavement opposite so we felt, for health and safety reasons, a fence might be a good idea.
Unfortunately this fencing is not visible in any of the photographs that I have here so I will take another one and add it later.
The bottles that can be seen in the photos are there to contain the white fence that we have partially erected around the large house. This area is somewhat curved and the bottles are there to hold the fence in place until the glue sets. Next time we hope to progress the areas underneath this house as well as under the row of terraced houses opposite.
Hopefully we will soon finish working on this side of the river and can then cross over to work on the craft centre, pub and tea rooms etc. Of course there are lots of finishing touches still to be added to the town but these can be done in slow time once the major work is complete.

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