Friday, August 26, 2011

Garden Variety

Last weekend saw us progressing the gardens behind the row of terraced houses. We tried to give them a bit of a variety despite the fact that they are rather on the small size and, although they are not completely finished yet, they have already transformed this area.
Unfortunately the walls had to be cut / trimmed to fit as they are not really the correct walls for these particular houses, however, I think they fit in very well and have now been stuck in place. We have not stick down the houses as yet since these still need to have lights / curtains fitted.
We also progressed the fencing around the large house and we are thinking of including a single garage to the left of the house, if there is sufficient room between house and fence.
A couple more sessions here should see this bit finished, apart from the embellishments such as people, signs and markings, and then we can turn our attention to the other side of the stream.
As you can see in the lower photograph, we have extended the Peco tarmac scatter up to the bridge over the railway as well as up to and around the fire station. This has made the whole road system within the town look a lot neater although it might well give us a headache when we come to do the road markings!

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