Thursday, September 15, 2011

Over We Go

So, finally, we have crossed to the other side — of the stream that is! 
Yes, the weekend saw us start work on the area around the pub, tea rooms and craft centre.
We began by creating the road that runs from the hump back bridge to the car park and, then, continued to create most of the car park. The fence that we used to bound the road, car park, pub and tea rooms is Hornby Trackside Fencing - Catalogue Nº: R537. This was just the right colour for what we wanted and was also nice and bendy!
Using a bradawl, we punched holes in the card beneath each of the fence posts and, together with a drop of PVA glue, these have held the fencing in place very effectively.
A path will eventually run from the little footbridge that crosses the stream in front of the terraced houses (just visible in the top photo) and will pass between the pub and the tea rooms. 
This little bridge was made from card and covered in Peco PS-3 grey path scatter. We then inserted some posts along each side of the bridge - cut from some fencing that we no longer needed. Finally, we obtained from my sister an old silver bracelet chain (of course we asked her permission first) and this made for a good representation of some chain linking between each post.
The bottom picture is a ground level photo showing a couple of cars in the pub car park. Clearly these early customers are going to be somewhat disappointed since we do not expect the pub to be open for business for some time yet!

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