Monday, October 3, 2011


After failing to publish an update for a week or so I thought I had better report on the progress made on the layout up until now.
As you can see from the photos above this corner of the town area  is almost finished and work on the diesel depot is expected to commence in the next week or two.
We are very pleased with the look of this whole area and the Craft Centre is much more visible here than it was in its previous location. It also looks good surrounded, as it is, by a selection of trees and both an ornamental and less formal pond. 
The trees are by Bachmann Scenecraft and Woodland Scenics while the ornamental pond and garden feature was purchased in a model railway shop in Sâo Paulo. The other pond is by Harburn Hamlets.
All of the shops in the Craft Centre have been stuck in place since there are no plans to have lights inside any of them. Of course this might change but, because we have placed pictures in each of the windows depicting internal details, putting lights inside would mean removing these and this, at the moment, is something that we would prefer not to do. 
The river and lake still have to be completed and these will be worked on over the next few weeks.
The only bit that is then left to do is the grey, triangular section between the river and the tea rooms. At the moment the idea is to make it into a Crazy Golf Course but this really depends on how much space we have. If it proves to be too small for a decent sized 9-hole course then we might rethink this and make room for a Crazy Golf Course in the reworked Northern half of the layout.
The area here could then, maybe, become a slightly enlarged play area for children since the piece of ground we have dedicated for this at the moment is too small for the amount of playground equipment that we have.

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