Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At Sixes ...

06 009 at Dunfermline Townhill Wagon Repair Works.
This facility closed in the early 1980's.
Mark Harrington
97 804 (ex 06 003) at Reading in June 1985.
06 003 possibly at Barrow Hill.
Rich Mackin
06 010 at Glasgow Polmadie.
The Class 06 diesel mechanical shunters were built by Andrew Barclay between 1958 and 1960 and they were used exclusively on the Scottish Region.
They were originally numbered D2410 - D2444 and, of the original 35 locos built, ten of them survived long enough to be renumbered under the TOPS scheme.
Final withdrawals took place in October 1960 with 06 005 and 06 008 being the last two to be taken out of service.
Only one of the class was preserved, NÂș 06 003, and she is currently owned by the Heritage Shunters Trust.
As far as models of the Class 06 are concerned, I believe that Hornby are the only manufacturers to produce one at present, as part of their Railroad range. A few years ago, they also issued one to people joining or rejoining the Hornby Collector's Club.
The full Class 06 specification is shown below:

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