Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pondering the Future

In the top picture, an elderly couple and their two dogs sit beside the formal pond in the ornamental gardens situated in front of the Craft Centre .
While, below, a young man sits on the rocks surrounding the less formal pond to the side of the Craft Centre.
No-one knows what might be going through all of their minds as they relax by the water and ponder the future. Perhaps they are thinking about what they could buy in the shops or, maybe, what time train they need to catch at Petersfield station.
As for us, we are thinking ahead to finishing the diesel depot in the more immediate future and then, next year, beginning the make-over of the northern half of the layout.
This work will eradicate the crawl-through between the two halves of the layout and will mean the re-location of the terminus at Davemoor. It should also allow us to extend the Lake End branch line and create an area that is more akin to the Lakeland scenery that the layout is supposed to represent. 
It will clearly mean a lot of work and, also, the cessation of train operations north of Gunnmere for some time. But it will be worth it and we are really looking forward to making a start.

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