Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cole for Bruton

Cole station name board : 26 February 1966
BR 2-6-4T 80081 departs Cole with the 13:10 Bath to Templecombe : 17 April 1965
General view of Cole station, looking towards Bath : 3 June 1962

An S&D 'Do Not Trespass' sign : 26 February 1966
Whilst having a sort out the other day, I came across some boxes of old black and white photographs that I acquired about 30 years ago from a former work colleague of mine called John Day. 
John, was (and probably still is) an excellent photographer who also happened to be interested in trains. As such he amassed quite a selection of railway photographs that he took in the 1960s and he has even had some of them published.
To be honest, I had forgotten that I had so many of his prints but, now that I have rediscovered them, I plan to include the best of them on this blog so that others may enjoy his work. 
I am sure that John will not object to me showing his work here and I will begin with some photographs that he took at Cole, on The Somerset and Dorset.

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