Monday, October 24, 2011

Making Tracks

This last weekend saw us continue work on the Diesel Depot or, rather, the embankment that runs alongside it and which carries a disused and dismantled railway line.
There is now a wall on the depot side of the embankment and support walls have also been added to each side of the bridge. All of these were constructed using grey card faced with Metcalfe brick sheets - Engineers Blue Brick (M0053) for the wall and Dressed Gritstone (M0052) for the bridge supports.
The embankment has also been partially landscaped although there is still quite a bit more to do here, particularly where we have filled in between the wall and the embankment. 
We also laid cork to the rest of the table to form a level surface for the track and buildings and this cork was then given a coat of brown paint. We did this because, as with prototype depots, brown will be the predominant colour of the land and track ballast here.
Fortunately, the markings showing the track layout in the depot can still be seen through the paint and, hopefully, track laying can begin in earnest in a couple of weeks.

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