Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Diesel Day

D1967 and D6986 approaching Bath Road Shed, Bristol. 
22 November 1965

D6896 and D6877 depart Swindon the 19:00 Paddington to Swansea.
2 June 1966
D824 'Highflyer' between Bruton and Castle Cary with a down express.
29 August 1964
D39 leaves the main line and heads for Bath Road Shed, Bristol
22 November 1965
Because we went to Taunton last weekend, there is not much to report with regards to the layout. So I thought I would post some more of John Day's excellent photographs and, this time, I am featuring some of his diesel shots.
The four pictures that I have included here depict Classes 37, 42, 45 and 47 at various locations in the West Country during the mid 1960s.
D1967 became 47 267 and, then, 47 603 and was withdrawn in April 2000.
D6986 became 37 286 and was withdrawn in February 1999.
D6896 became 37 196 and was withdrawn in October 2000.
D6877 became 37 177 and was withdrawn in April 2002.
D39 became 45 033 and was unofficially named Sirius. It was scrapped at MC Metals of Glasgow in February 1992.
Finally D824, which was a Class 42, was withdrawn in December 1972 and, interestingly, its worksplate was sold at auction in May 2009 for £420.

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