Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Service Lines

We managed to get quite a bit done to the diesel depot this weekend having spent a couple of sessions working on the layout.
The top two pictures show progress after the first session wherein most of the track had been laid and some of the buildings and structures temporarily placed into position.
The bottom two pictures, meanwhile, were taken after our second spell down the shed by which time we had finished the initial landscaping of the embankment and old trackbed, painted some of the track serving the depot, put scatter under the bridge and placed said bridge into position.
Due to both the skewed angle of the track in relation to the bridge and the limited space that we have available for the depot, it did make clearing the bridge walls a bit tight. However, after much testing, we finally got it so there was enough clearance for the longest of our locos and with Hornby Digital Electric Point Clips (R8232) inserted into all of the points, we managed to do a quick test of the track within the yard. This track will of course be wired to the Bus in due course.
With the ever-growing nature of the layout, we are also fast coming to the decision that we will need to boost the power supply to the track at some stage in the near future. For this we will probably use the Bachmann E-Z Command 5A Power Booster, Catalogue Nยบ 36-520.

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