Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Washer Room

Work continued on the Diesel Depot at the weekend and, as you can see, we have had a bit of a change-around. This was necessary after we discovered that the left-hand buffer on the larger locos just managed to catch the side of the Washer Plant as they entered it. 
This was due to the slight curve in the track between the bridge and the Washer Plant  and was something that we had not properly tested previously - DUH!
So, with another lesson duly learned, we found that we could simply swap the Washer with the Depot Crane and, also, make the track that passes through the Washer a longer straight section. This would then eliminate any curves and give even the largest of our locos enough room to pass through the washer without any interference.
The track just beyond the washer has not been tacked down as yet because we have to connect it to the bus wires running beneath the layout. 
However, because there are obstacles underneath the baseboard, we cannot drop wires down beside the track and will have to run one of them beneath this section of track. before it is tacked into place. This should be done this coming weekend and, then, we can continue landscaping the depot before we can add figures etc.
One other change that we made this weekend was to add a two-aspect coloured light signal to control locomotives leaving the Depot. This signal is the one that was replaced at Sueston and is perfectly placed here for telling my drivers when it is safe to rejoin the main line. 
Of course, whether the more zealous amongst them will actually obey the signal is another matter.

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