Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Double Crossing

After treating Gunnmere to a face-lift we decided to do the same to Coneyvale Halt at the weekend.
This little station is situated just south of the viaduct and is primarily used by workers at the adjacent Coal Depot although walkers and climbers visiting the area around the viaduct use it too.
We have also added some cross-over points here to allow trains to and from the Depot to easily access the Up line, something that we failed to do when we first decided to include a halt here. This time we used Peco Electro-frog points and these look much better than the insul-frog variety. The only thing that we had to do was to put an insulated rail joiner on to the two rails emanating from the frog.
As there is no footbridge here since it is difficult to include one on such a small and slightly staggered station, passengers needing to cross the line must do so via the barrow crossing which we also installed at the weekend.
We have not quite finished our work here but hope to do so next weekend and I will, of course, post photos of the result next week.

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