Monday, April 23, 2012

Lighting Up Time

After another long period without any updates, I reckon it is high time for a progress report on the layout and, as you can see, the diesel depot is coming along nicely. 
All of the trackwork has been installed, wired, cleaned and tested and we have also installed lights - six external lamps plus an LED strip within the depot building itself.
In fact we have gone mad with lights during the past two or three weeks with both Sueston and the coal depot being illuminated and I will be discussing these areas in later postings.
I will also illustrate how we wired all of the different lights in case that might prove useful to anyone contemplating a similar exercise. It was actually a relatively straight-forward job to do albeit very awkward crawling around underneath baseboards etc. 
Some of the wires are also very fine so good lighting is essential to do this work as well as a steady hand and a keen eye!
There is still some work to be done in the depot with people, grass and accessories to be added externally and more people and equipment to be placed inside the building.
In the picture above we see a Class 15 standing beneath the depot crane while a Class 23 is being refuelled outside the depot building and a Class 33 has just been through the washing plant.

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