Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Wanderer Returns

It is high time for an update on the progress we have made in remodelling the northern section of the layout.
Actually, not too much was done during the first two weeks of August as it was time for the annual summer holiday, some of which saw us in North Wales.
As might be expected during this time, we found ourselves on trains as we travelled on both the Ffestiniog and Snowdon Railways. Of course we did walk up Snowdon as well, a few days prior to the train ride, and it was good to ascend this spectacular mountain using two modes of travel as well as via two different routes.
Anyway, more of all that in a later posting; for now, here is a quick progress report on the work done on the layout during the second half of August and, as can be seen from the photos, ballasting has started in earnest on the newly laid track.
Prior to the ballasting we soldered wire to the track wherever we had installed a set of points and then dropped these wires down through the baseboard so that they could be connected to the Bus. 
We also added Hornby Clips to all of the points, as a belt and braces exercise, so this, hopefully, should mean that there is a good supply of current to all parts of the track despite the fact that there are, indeed, numerous points at this location.
We have also begun to rebuild the stone walling along the edge of the board, since this does provide a neat edge as well as helping to prevent anything from, accidentally, falling off the edge!
You will also see that we have added a new siding leading off from one of the Shed Roads. This will provide a similar facility to what we had in the old goods yard and will provide a destination to which we can bring trains and, then, indulge in a spot of shunting.
We intend to shoot a short video of a loco or two running on this new track next weekend so ... watch this space.

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