Thursday, September 20, 2012

Track Record

As you can see from the photographs above, work on the new main line is progressing well.
We have now ballasted to the end of the four track section and are about ready to plan the track layout for the next part of the layout, in front of the new window.
This will be a double track main line, over and around which will run the extended branch line on a curving embankment.
You might also notice that we have removed the siding alongside the farm house because the points and curve here often caused us a few problems and, anyway, this siding was seldom used.
We also noticed that the house is suffering from a bit of subsidence so this will need to be addressed. Clearly the base board here is not as level as we thought it was.
The new station on the main line, to be called Manxton, is made from Hornby Skaledale platform sections which we will cover with Metcalfe platform card, which will hide the gaps etc and, also, mean that it is in-keeping with the other stations on the layout.
We removed the background photograph before starting work hence the white strip on the wall.

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